Derby Eland Task Force

19/08/2014 20:39

NGO Derbianus CSAW and Chinko Project have embarked upon a joint effort towards a better understanding of the basic ecology of the Western Derby eland in Niokolo Koba (Senegal) and Eastern Derby eland in Chinko (Central African Republic) by evaluating camera trap photographs, and as next important step plan to use radio collars to study their movement and habitat preferences.

The aim of the Derby Eland Task Force is to create a knowledge platform allowing joint efforts in conservation – studying both subspecies of the Derby eland through ecological research, wild and captive population monitoring.


Objectives of the project are following:

  • 2014 - Estimation of abundance of Derby eland using camera traps, involving zoos and other partners in spreading the information on the needs of Derby eland conservation.
  • 2015 - Collaring and subsequent monitoring of Derby elands, increased knowledge of Derby eland movements, providing the zoos and other partners with the data of their movements and activity.
  • 2016 - Creation of a Derby Eland Task Force online platform as a resource for further decision-making in the conservation of the Derby eland.


We invite every financial support of the project. Total budget is estimated at 294,780 €. The project of Derby Eland Task Force including timetable and a detailed budget is available online