Farewell to RNDr. Petr H. Verner, PhD.

14/04/2016 23:33

The direct ancestor of man “was born” in the vast African plains more than two million years ago. There are our origins. Petr H. Verner had felt always these roots that was the internal motivation of his lifelong desire for a deeper knowledge and understanding of Africa.

He was the spiritual father of the conservation program of the critically endangered Western subspecies of Derby eland. Since 1998 he had worked closely with the Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture (nowadays the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and he was turning the idea in life, planned and directed the conservation and research of this antelope species. In 2010 he initiated the creation of the association Derbianus Conservation.

Petr H. Verner managed to concentrate around himself young and enthusiastic colleagues willing to devote the time and often their own financial resources to contribute to the conservation of African nature. If we manage to save Western Derby eland, it will be mostly thanks to Petr H. Verner.

Petr Hubert Verner was for us above all a man, naturalist, entomologist, zoologist, ecologist, Africanists. But also an idealist, philanthropist, humanist, aesthete. Renaissance man of wide interests. Lover of music, philosophy and theology, lover of beauty and life, with a glare to transcendence.  

He left us forever on April 3rd, 2016, however, his legacy in us marches on.