Marketas in the Bandia reserve

14/03/2015 11:00

The second half of the time dedicated to research activities in Senegal brought not only a new experience to our team members, but also tangible results. We could adjust two new born calves to our list of already identified offspring of Western Derby eland in Bandia reserve.  Nevertheless, one of the calves caused a few wrinkles on Marketas faces when it hasn’t been seen alongside his mother long after the birth. Giraffe offspring with its mother in the Bandia reserve Even bigger was the joy of seeing him three weeks later with the whole herd and in a good condition – the calf only demonstrated the  "hiding strategy" that is typical for many antelope species.  Data tables on giraffe chewing slowly filled up and Marketas even managed to take photos and identify 4 newly born giraffes. Apart from working with animals, our team also enjoys  an exchange of rich experience with local animal keepers who take care of the smooth running of our conservation program even in the absence of members of the Czech team.