Marketas in the Fathala reserve

16/03/2015 18:29

Male Derby elands in the vegetation of the Fathala reserveIn the fifth week of the field work, our team undertook a six-hour journey from region Thies to region Fatick in southern Senegal. From the city of Kaolack the dusty path alternates with asphalt road, from which you always prefer the dusty one. It is not surprising though that after the bumpy road Marketas appreciated pleasant task of meeting the new manager of the Fathala reserve and South African students who work there. However the main goal, identification of Western derby eland new born calves, remained essential for our team. Due to the density of vegetation in humid climate of Fatick region, the identification appeared to be very challenging and its success unpredictable. Regardless potential uncertainty and thanks to the help of South African students and great luck, two mothers and their calves were identified during only three days. In the second enclosure Marketas reported two other potential mothers out of which at least one was seen with her baby not long after the departure of our team from Fathala. At the spare time our girls undertook an excursion to the reserve with its new manager, and had a great pleasure to introduce him some local fauna and to discuss our common interest, Senegalese environment protection.