News from winter and spring season

16/07/2014 11:33

Members of NGO Derbianus had a tight schedule in late winter and early spring.  Two students of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences who are also active members of our team left in January to Senegal to identify newborn calves of Western Derby elands in Bandia and Fathala reserves. Their journey was also connected with research on giraffes in these reserves and preparation of future transport of Derby elands.



In February, 12 young calves of Derby elands were successfully reported and photographed for the studbook. Also their mothers were identified according to observed suckling and other interactions.

Transport of sub-adult and young adult elands is one of the important tasks of population management. Seventeen males and females were successfully transported from one herd to another and a new breeding herd has been established in Bandia reserve during March. Transports were carried out under the traditional Senegalese-Czech cooperation agreement and under the supervision of an experienced veterinarian MVDr. Jiří  Váhala.

We thank whole team from Senegal and the Czech Republic for their great work. The rest of spring and summer will be devoted to educational and promotional activities in the Czech Republic and international scientific conferences in Europe.

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