The Czech Minister of Environment Brabec met his Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Baldé

22/09/2015 21:16

On September 10, the Minister Richard Brabec met Abdoulaye Baldé, Senegalese Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, who came to the Czech Republic for a few days visit. Meeting between the two ministers follows the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in the field of environment between the two countries, which signed a deputy Vladimir Dolejský and Senegalese Minister Baldé in May this year in Senegal.

During the visit Senegalese delegation had the opportunity to consult experts from the Ministry of Environment and sector organizations on forestry issues, the fight against deforestation, management of protected areas, adaptation to climate change and on the issues of sanitation and rehabilitation. Cooperation with Senegal could potentially be extended to the field of waste management. In Senegal, it is a current issue. That is why the delegation visited, among others, a waste sorting centre in Prague. The delegation also visited eg. the zoo in Liberec, as an example of a zoo in urban areas, or Milovice city with a demonstration of reintroduction of wild horses and European bison back into the wild.

During their meeting, ministers Richard Brabec and Abdoulaye Baldé discussed the possibilities of expanding the scope of existing cooperation between the two countries. At present, cooperation primarily consists of the conservation program of the Western Derby eland carried out in Senegal since 2000 by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) in collaboration with the NGO Derbianus. This activity has long been supported by the Ministry of Environment. In May, these efforts, which lasted 15 years, were confirmed by the signing of the memorandum between the ministers of environment of the Czech Republic and Senegal. This is the first formal agreement in the field of nature protection between the two countries. In June, the memorandum has been supplemented by an implementing agreement under which the NGO Derbianus and CULS were delegated by the implementation of the memorandum on the Czech side.

The cooperation between Senegal and the Czech Republic in the field of the environment is running since 1996. Between 2007 and 2009, the project Podpora přírodních rezervací a národních parků (Support of nature reserves and national parks) was conducted under the management of the Ministry of Environment with a total budget of 6.61 million Czech crowns (CZK). The aim of the project supporting the protection of natural resources and the development of ecotourism. It also focused on raising public awareness of the importance of conservation and on opportunities for the rational exploitation of natural resources. The aim of the project was to support the protection of natural resources and the development of ecotourism. It was also aimed at raising awareness of the population about the importance of conservation and the possibilities of rational use of natural resources.